I’ve changed my process a little and have put all paint from big bottles into tiny containers by the color.

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Acrylic gouache

Today I’ve been to a Handmade Expo market, a paradise for those who like all kinds of crafts, especially (to my surprise) beads embroidery. If was easy to find my way there – I just followed a flow of elderly women rushing in flocks)). I was hunting there for acrylic paints and some wool threads,…

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Set of cat paintings

What to do on a lazy holiday evening but to do some organizational stuff?), especially when there is no way one can paint or work. These 3 huge paintings were done in summer, and only now I have put them up on the site. And by huge I mean HUGE – 50×50 (20×20) cm each!…

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After staying home with a sick child for almost a week, painting at night was not work – but art therapy, to regain my inner peace. So now I have 2 paintings of a Frida Cat-lo and Einstein Cat (or Cat-stein, if you like). The paintings went off as presents to my dearest in-laws, meanwhile…

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Курс каллиграфии брашпенон

Вот и прошли 2 месяца курса на каллиграфии, и чтобы бессонная ночь подготовки не прошла даром, выложу часть каракуль сюда. Итак, что такое брашпен? Это ручка с кисточкой на конце, или резервуарчик для жидкости с кисточкой на конце. В общем, брашпеном может быть и просто кисточка и баночка чернил, но это ж как-то слишком просто,…

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New paintings

Other paintings from last week. Alas, there was no time for painting this week so far, only trying  to keep up with other digital commissions. So here is Little Red Riding Hood and a Bear on a Bicycle. As usual, other images are available over here https://www.etsy.com/shop/Innaruda?section_id=16919044&ref=shopsection_leftnav_6

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