Acrylic gouache

Today I’ve been to a Handmade Expo market, a paradise for those who like all kinds of crafts, especially (to my surprise) beads embroidery. If was easy to find my way there – I just followed a flow of elderly women rushing in flocks)). I was hunting there for acrylic paints and some wool threads, and that’s what I’ve bought – Turner Acryl Gouache, which is a Japanese brand, and which is gorgeous! I’ve seen it before a lot, but only bought a mixing white color for my needs and didn’t try the rest. Well, it’s like nothing I’ve tried before – it’s water-resistant like acrylics and a stunning matte, opaque and even color like gouache, at the same time it’s extremely bright. Even my acrylic colors fade-out a little, while these guys stay bright and vivid. I am not sure if is ok for my needs, but it’s definitely a “yes” for graphic 2-3 color images. For my I’ve just tested the dark blue and golden color. What else to do, when everyone else is asleep, but to paint the stars! Not my artistic value here, just pure joy of playing with new toys!


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