New paintings

Other paintings from last week. Alas, there was no time for painting this week so far, only trying  to keep up with other digital commissions. So here is Little Red Riding Hood and a Bear on a Bicycle. As usual, other images are available over here

little-hood bear3

yellow and grey

Finished a series of yellow and grey nursery paintings, office elephant is so far my favorite – love this guy. Other paintings available are over here





Grocery time

Two acrylic paintings from the grocery series! Available at

il_fullxfull.739815407_g1jl il_fullxfull.737705122_civg

Etsy shop now open!

I am thrilled to announce that I have opened my Etsy shop and have already made my first sale! There are a lot of “howevers” to all of this, like the parcel is on it’s way to Brazil, Ukraine’s post tracking system has many dark spots and Brazil seems to prohibit the import of any wood (which is the frame for the painting), but somehow I feel really optimistic about all of this and really hope it will work out!

Here is my shop and the fox below – is the first sold painting (I do hope it’s not the only one).  Have a look at other paintings available now.