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Finally I can share the illustrations for my latest the book. It’s been quite a challenge, as I was drawing it alongside with my pregnancy and dayjob, but the publisher was incredibly patient! They gave me all the freedom except the list of the musical instruments, that had to be listed plus some limitations due to the book construction.

The publisher I was doing it for specializes on books with some gadgets like music modules or light effects, etc. This book has a round electronic module with an arrow, which plays a different sound in each position. This book is about musical instruments, thus a child turns the arrow and can listen to a melody played by nine instruments together and by each instrument separately. The publisher also wanted to see animals playing those instruments, as it turns out animals are a popular hit with kids =) Soo, this job was very rewarding, as I found out about many instruments and animals I never knew existed, or never knew what they looked like. So each left page of the spread is an illustration with a round hole in the middle (to make place for the music module), and each right page showed all the animals with instruments separately.

The publisher is “Azbukvarik Group” (Азбукварик). However this book was published by their american colleagues and I don’t know what this publisher was.

That’s it, here go the illustrations and the photos of the printed book from the publisher. Disclaimer: the design of the book was done by the publisher.

1-les 2-water 3-Africa 4-farm 5-rio


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